TV Green multimedia platform TV Green is a YouTube-based channel that presents new technologies, business news and worldwide events in a simple, engaging way. TV Green is a multimedia platform focused on showcasing innovative technologies, important business events and interesting investments. Each news item is presented through a short movie detailing its most important aspects in an easy to understand way, accompanied by compelling visuals and audio.
A comprehensive, evolving environment which helps the user to make better use of their electronic devices.
Green ID – a universal account connecting people and devices.
GreenCloud technology has been developed by Green IT company, a member of Smart IT Cluster. It is a platform which receives data from users’ devices and, in a standardised way, shares data in applications selected by the user. It also enables work of unlimited number of devices and application.
We offer complex solutions in terms of Data Centre designing and managing. Data Centre products for design and management allow for convenient and effective planning of IT infrastructure and technical installations. The products we offer allow gathering data on current work of all systems having impact on the Data Centre’s work online and enable execution of reports and analyses.
Who does not measure - does not manage. Key functionality of our company products includes current monitoring and archiving any number of information which are subsequently used for advanced analyzing, static calculations or generating multipurpose reports, in order to achieve effective managements over business, production and technology process.
The purpose of IT system solutions produces by our company in the field of BMS is centralized to manage all instalations and subsystems occuring in a given object. Products from this field of application integrate all elements of infrastructure together, they allow for effective menagement over the entire object.
This is a group made of complete IT tools supporting the process, supervision, management and technical infrastructure maintenance of energy networks. In addition to remote readings, key functionality is based on real-time monitoring and archiving any amount of information. This data is used for regular supervision, advanced historical data analysis, static calculations and generating of comprehensive reports.
We are witnessing the expansion of virtual reality in various aspects of our lives. It is utilized in medicine – to conduct psychological experiments and studies; in business – to create an image revolving around cutting – edge technologies; in architecture – to present thorough visualisation of building projects; in education – to broad possible interaction between the learners; and from obvious reason – in entertainment. In Tomorrow we trust that film, media and virtual reality intertwine. They create a perfect palette of ossibilities of multimedia for our clients.
Our company is an online tool used for creating maps of relations between employees in the form of clear graphs. Knowledge about the company’s informal structure facilitates the process of making the right managerial decisions, reducing labour costs, as well as change management within the organisation. Our product is addressed mainly to members of the board, management staff and HR specialists.