OWL Vision - Large Observation Drone

A large base observation drone measuring 220 cm x 220 cm carried on a  launcher platform, built-in on a UT Mitsubishi L 200 vehicle.


The main objective of this machine is a many hours’ continuous observation flight, up to 10 h without landing.

Thanks to the implementation of innovative technologies, the drone allows for performing an extremely long flight in harsh weather conditions.

Unique construction solutions give super-typical possibilities and leave even the most modern civilian and military drones behind based on a multi-roto platform. The machine flies during days and nights in good and bad weather conditions.

Machine’s properties:

  • The dron flies in autonomic, semi-manual or manual modes,
  • It possesses a computerized, easy-in-use flight planner,
  • The drone is transported on an in-built platform on Mitsubishi L vehicle,
  • It may cooperate with other flying, swimming or land drones,
  • Operated by 1 x pilot/operator.

Possibilities of installation and transportation on the drone:

  • FULL HD 360o cam recording system, showing the image simultaneously in all directions,
  • UHD 4K ZOOM to 120 x cam recording system,
  • Telemetric protection system of areas,
  • Monitoring system of people, public gatherings, sports events and anti-terrorist activities,
  • Microwave radar of foe-friend type,
  • Sonic radar detecting the direction of the fires shot from a handgun or other, f. in. a mortar,
  • Traffic monitoring system,
  • Atmosphere contamination analysis system,
  • System of data retransmitting from other drones,
  • A computerized system for target detecting (SAS).


  • Army, Police, Special Forces, Fire and Border Guard,
  • Mountain Search and Rescue services,
  • Protection of marine ships,
  • Monitoring and protecting strategic objects, pipe lines, drilling platforms, harbours, dams and other civilian and military landmarks.
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