The first independent energy supply system

Green energy tower system is a universal, energetically autonomous Metamast, dedicated to all wireless electronic communications and observation areas.

The product idea is based on harnessing wind energy obtained from a vertical axis wind turbine, sun energy obtained from a battery of solar cells, and finally, recycling energy obtained from waste polyolefin products. These three combined, render the structure self - sufficient and increase the use of green energy, therefore reducing the emission of harmful substances into our atmosphere.

Business Premises:

  • World’s first comprehensive independentpower source solution.
  • Wide range of use of this innovative mast.
  • Diversification of income sources.
  • Possibility to have devices working on as well as off the grid.
  • Optimization of energy consumption.
  • Possibility of applying various business models.
  • Favourable investment environment
  • (Renewable Energy Sources).
  • Possibility to modify the product to specific uses and local conditions.

In traditional network 50% to 70% of cost is electricity.

Our mast installation in areas doesn’t need access to the grid. That’s why the profit can be higher or prices can be lowered.

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