Eco - friendly pyrolysis of plastics and rubber

Green Power I – technology of gum and non-recycled waste (PE, PP) processing.

Basic features:

  • little space required for the device’s operation,
  • modular structure - possibility to progressively increase plant capacity,
  • low power consumption (energy self-sufficiency),
  • low costs of operating and maintaining in running order,
  • production process monitoring system,
  • possibility to monitor the production process,
  • low-emission technology (no industrial waste, low emission of dust and gases, efficient waste management),

Environmental benefits:

  • solving the problem of plastic waste and gum management,
  • reducing landfilled waste volume,
  • recovering chemical energy from the substrate,
  • reducing oil consumption.

Waste which are recycled according to Green Power I technology.

Waste which are not recycled according to Green Power I technology.

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