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Technologie wojskowe

The system creates shielding from incoming RPG missiles.
Automated patrolling and tracking of areas or goals through specialized vehicle.
The system is created for electronic supporting of dynamic firearm training process.
A fast scouting drone of small size, equipped with dispersion shields causing its absolute optical invisibility.
HPEMG – A special self-developed mat placed on the vehicle’s way allowing its unconditional stop.
An innovative, large, multitask drone with a hybrid combustion-electric engire, based on multirotor technology.
A large base observation drone measuring 220 cm x 220 cm carried on a launcher platform, built-in on a UT Mitsubishi L 200 vehicle.
Start of a micro-rocket with a satellite from a platform floating in the stratosphere.
Autonomous system of remote reckoning, analyzing and destroying objects for military purposes.
A high-sensitivity seismic system allowing for detection of moving duty vehicles from a great distance, f.in. a column of tanks.