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European Innovations
and Start-ups Ecosystem


The Smart EcoSystem’s structure was optimised in order to ensure full support of its participating start-ups, scientific-research institutions and large enterprises. In order to ensure chances for business opportunities development of any participant, Smart EcoSystem is created by clusters of national and international range. Their descriptions can be found below:

European  Green Technology Alliance (www.egta.eu) is an international platform for technological and business cooperation, associating over 300 enterprises and institutions all over the Europe. EGTA focuses on transfer of innovative technologies between European countries and provides support through specialized business institutions in all European countries as well as international network of partners. There are numerous areas of interest in which EGTA conducts its activities: innovative technologies, IT, power engineering, renewable energy sources, food, health, sustainable transport and other fields incredibly important for economy and business.

Emirates & Europe Business Development Cluster (www.eebd.eu) is a unique business organization, developing economic cooperation between Europe and the UAE. Among its members, apart from business representatives, there are also representatives from entities such as: local governments, universities, advisory institutions and companies, which contribute to development of its activities. The list of main goals that the cluster sets for itself, comprises of, among others: assistance in searching for trade partners or providing direct contact with companies from both Europe and the UAE, also with those with foreign equity, complex help in gaining EU grants, maximisation of benefits connected with development of business in the UAE and Europe as well as promotion and protection of member companies’ interest.

Green Energy Cluster (www.energyeu.org) deals with implementation of new technologies and organisational solutions for generation of energy from the following renewable sources: wind, water, solar radiation, biogas, geothermal energy and development of smart electricity grids (Smart Grid). Cooperation within the Cluster provides research and development plans, modernisation and production of facilities for the most effective generation of energy. At the same time, the Cluster encourages and helps invest in such projects.

Green Cars Cluster (www.carspl.eu) was established to put into effect efficient and eco-friendly technological solutions. Several important entities participated in execution of the project: Electrotechnical Institute in Warsaw, Polish Electrical Engineers Association (SEP) and many others. The nature of the consortium is to execute joint undertakings which aim at gradual withdrawal from using crude oil and development of non-combustion vehicles market. It particularly concentrates upon implementation of new technologies and organizational, manufacturing, research and development solutions, as well as conducting educational and promotional campaigns.

Smart IT Cluster (www.smartpl.org) was founded with the aim of establishing cooperation between the sectors of cutting-edge technologies and innovative IT companies. The main activity of the cluster is taking initiatives to support new technologies in the Polish and European markets. We aim to promote IT solutions of the Smart IT Cluster members and entities cooperating with it. We believe that creation of a smart grid for management of electricity improves competitiveness of the energy market and energy efficiency. The main area of our interest is to support public utility institutions or local authorities and companies. We also provide assistance in implementation of new technologies and organizational solutions.

Medicine of the Future Cluster (www.medpl.eu) amalgamates companies belonging to different industries: doctors, therapists, designers and manufacturers of medical equipment and IT companies. We are fully convinced that thanks to combined efforts of various sectors and close collaboration with science centers, research & development units and medical care institution. The Cluster desires to support the implementation of innovative solutions in economy and in the sector of medical treatment. What is more, the Cluster also aims at deriving new technologies and funds for their implementation as well as at ensuring the cooperation between scientific communities in pan-European scale.