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European Innovations
and Start-ups Ecosystem


The commercialization process of new solutions is related to many obstacles, such as lack of cooperation on the scientific institutions-enterprises axis and lack of data exchange on resources, technologies and scientific potential. The issue of protecting intellectual property and copyrights is also an important factor in delaying the transfer of information between sectors. These factors negatively affect the competitiveness of the innovation market and prevent many innovative solutions from entering the market.

Smart EcoSystem (www.baseeu.com) is a unique ecosystem for start-ups and innovative technologies. It was created as a response to the needs of small, medium and large enterprises and allows for avoiding all the obstacles with simultaneous assurance of intellectual property protection of its members.
Under the Smart Ecosystem platform, activities connected with conduction of full process of implementation and commercialization of a start-up project independently from its location are undertaken. The aim of the platform is to improve the projects’ implementation process through automatization of information exchange between its participants and to ensure immediate access to a particular project’s documentation.
As a modern and safe tool for data exchange, Smart EcoSystem offers intuitive interface and quick access to the project’s details on any stage of their implementation: from application, through acceptance and elaboration to ultimate implementation of technology.

Smart EcoSystem aims to support investment projects with high profitability by raising R&D funding and industrial works, creating partnerships between subjects functioning in various market sectors, and the ability to remotely manage projects in collaboration with mentors and experts. Investment projects at every stage of development are sought. All activities within the platform are geared towards the needs of a modern, sustainable and intelligent economy.
Smart EcoSystem conducts as well activities related to the full implementation and commercialization of the project regardless of location. The purpose of the platform is also to streamline the project implementation process by automating the exchange of information between its participants and ensuring immediate access to the documentation of the project. Smart EcoSystem works with a number of expert organizations that offer assistance in implementation process, commercialization and internationalization to the users of the platform. As a modern and secure data exchange tool, Smart EcoSystem offers an intuitive interface and quick access to project details at every stage of their implementation: from submission, through the process of their acceptance and  development to the final implementation of the technology.