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Smart EcoSystem platform is equipped with ERP system (enterprise resource planning) which enables integration of all the activities of the platform. The integration consists in the use of a common database under one system, thanks to which it is possible to use only one data collection. ERP-class software creates an interactive environment supporting enterprises in analysis and management of business processes related to all the areas of activity.

The very construction of the platform contributes to keeping non-disclosure standards. Entrepreneurs have full control over the content which is shared within the platform and they decide to whom the access is to be given. Not any every platform user is therefore granted access to all the data. Under the use of the application, it is required that any user be registered with a separate ID and password and that the access to data be possible only upon successful authorization and authentication processes.

Smart EcoSystem enables project management, control over the users’ access to the resources through publication of information only to authorized accounts. Information exchange safety between them is authenticated via X.509 certificates (SSL).